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Early Encouraging Response


“Dr Augustine has done a marvellous job of creating this book. 'Futuristic _HR' contains lots of information, knowledge and data in a simple, easy to understand and point by point manner. This book will be a real reference book for all HR professionals as it reflects years of experience of Dr Augustine and the various roles he performed before turning into a researcher, scholar and author.”

Dr. T V Rao

Chairman of T V Rao Learning System Pvt. Ltd.

Through this book HRM will be more of a science than remaining in the art domain. This book will be a milestone in the field of management.

Pratap Simha

Member of Parliament

"It gives me immense pleasure to present the book titled “Futuristic HR” written by Dr. A.C. Augustine.

As we all are aware that corona virus has drastically reshaped the economy and the labor force. Since its rapid spread around the globe, we have experienced titanic shifts in how we work, where we work, and the technologies we use to stay connected.

Such massive change is escalating the importance of HR’s role within organizations. Workers are turning to their managers and their HR leaders, in particular, for guidance on how to navigate their “new normal” .

I genuinely believe that this is HR’s moment to lead organizations in navigating the future. 2021 will be a reset moment for HR. We fully expect to see more examples of these theoretical “jobs-made-real,” by visionary leaders in the coming months and years. As it is normally said, “before it can be built, it has to be dreamed.”

This is where “Futuristic HR”: A highly intuitive and insightful book written by Dr. A.C. Augustine shall act as a beacon to guide budding and contemporary HR professionals to redefine and transform the entire paradigm of HR.

It would be absolutely appropriate to say that “Futuristic HR” is a “Handbook of HR” for the future. This book bridges the gap between present & future. It provides excellent guidance to organisations and professionals who are stepping into “new horizon” on the skills and capabilities they will need to be successful over the next decade as new roles continue to emerge. This book vividly elaborates upon growth and transformation of HR in the context of Digital technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It defines a framework and provides a template for HR professionals to identify, acquire, manage and develop dynamic competencies through a process driven approach.

The book has been written in a highly affable format. The content has been presented and depicted through visuals and flowcharts, which are comprehensive and easily fathomable. I congratulate Dr. A.C. Augustine for his magnificent and thought provoking book. Despite paucity of time due to his regular hectic schedule, he has succeeded in penning his thoughts in the form of this unique compilation of treasure of knowledge, which is nothing short of a milestone. I wish, he conquers many more milestones in the years to come."

M.G. Shirahatti

Former Dean Of Commerce & Chairman Board Of Studies In Management Of Mumbai University

The author shares expert insights and useful tools which will provide HR professionals with a wealth of knowledge to manage HRM function in a process driven manner than person-centric manner.

Dr. William

Bishop of Mysore

"Futuristic_HR shows the way as to how to manage HR in uniform and scientific manner. This book will indeed be a big help to most HR mangers.​"

Bhai Jagtap

Businessman, Union leader and MLC

"This is a ‘what is ‘, ‘Go to’, ‘How to’, and DIY (do it yourself) book. A reference book par excellence."

Sheila N Krishnan

Chairman of T V Rao Learning System Pvt. Ltd.

"Futuristic_HR shows the way as to how to manage HR in uniform and scientific manner. This book will indeed be a big help to most HR mangers."

Prof. Sayyed Ahmed

XLRI and US Educated Professor

“The fourth Industrial Revolution is now peaking with Digital Technology and AI reaching out to almost all areas of human endeavours. Dr. Augustine's research has shown the influence of Digital Technology and AI in all HR processes.

The best part of the book is that it is produced by one of India's most successful HR heads. Dr. Augustine's corporate exposure, academic experience, research acumen, consulting wisdom and understanding of the problems faced by HR practitioners and students reflect in the book”. AI and digital technology is reaching out to almost all areas of human endeavors. Dr. Augustine’s research has shown influence of AI and digital technology in all areas of HR processes.​​

Dr. Ratnakar Wagh

CEO and CHRO in Global Companies

“The authors' vast experience in the field of HR and his expertise as a researcher and an academician has enriched the content in such a way that the book is suitable for both academicians and practitioners. The beauty of the book is that it follows a standard structure to explain each process. The flow is maintained throughout, which makes it an easy referral.”

Dr.Savitha Lakkol

Associate Professor, JSS Management School

“In this book 'Futuristic _ HR', the author highlights various HR processes, with evidence, facts, behavioral examples, time tested processes threading each with brilliance and an unusual but much needed sensitivity. I think that only a person with nearly four decades of hands-on experience can deliver like Sunil Gavaskar's writing the “Straight Drive” columns.”

Raj Mohan

Management Consultant and Businessman

“This book 'Futuristic _ HR is trying to build a conversation around something new. It is talking about a new, simpler, and easier way of managing HR function. 'Futuristic _ HR' is talking about a process driven management style rather than a person centric management style.The foreword from Dr. Rao, an eminent HR scholar itself shows importance and usefulness of the book."

Vijay Ankalgi

Reputed HR & Management Consultant

“Similar to a trailer to a movie, the target audience could get a pre-view of the book through its manuscript and comment on it. What I like in this approach is the 'reader' (customer) focus and interacting with so many individuals from the target group of students, faculty members, HR practitioners, CEO's, start up entrepreneurs, consultants, experienced HR heads, religious heads and elected representatives.”

L Nagendra

MLA Chamraj Constituency

"Being an engineer myself, I am a firm believer in systems and processes. I am very happy that a difficult but a most important function like HR can now be managed through process flowchart."

Jagdish Babu

Real Estate Developer and Ex-CREDAI Karnataka Chairman

"Received hard copy of the brochure. It is fantastic work. Futuristic_HR is a comprehensive and practical hand book."

M M Shaikh

Retired CHRO from MNC and a Consultant

“Congratulations for creating a high quality book.”

Prasenjit Bhattacharya

CEO, Great Places to Work - India

"The brochure of the book looks brilliant and a ready reckoner for any HR professional. Please keep a copy for me."

HR Professional from EATON


"Appreciate the rich inputs, approach, depth and adaptability to the new normal. Dr. Ramachandran"

Director from an MBA college


"Brochure and covering letter are very well done. After going through the same, I feel this book is going to be very useful to HR professionals. The value addition is immense. Will be very handy for all HR professionals and non HR professionals. Truly a novel concept and would attract serious readers and professionals."

L R Krishnan

"Brochure is very impressive. Lots of depth in your approach to HR processes. The intensity of your work is easily visible. I am sure this book is going to be useful to people in academics and industry.​"

Vinita Deshmukh

Highly Reputed Journalist & Chief Editor of Cooperate CITIZEN MAGAZINE

“Dr. Augustine's latest book 'Futuristic_ HR' is an amazing book. It is such a helpful book for HR professionals across the world as well as entrepreneurs like me. I believe that business is all about 'PEOPLE' and people management capabilities. The 21 HR process described in detail with examples from the best companies from the 'Fortune 500' increases the confidence to follow the process steps described in the book. I will keep this book as reference book on my desk and gift a copy to all my HR friends. The depth of knowledge that is in the book gleaned out of experience and research really enhances the value of the book. There is nothing like this book in the market. place as it is written by a practicing manager with intense research that covered the whole spectrum of HR processes. I wish this book a great journey.”​

Pavan Sharma

Retired GM of L&T

“Augustine, I think this will be your greatest contribution to HR, the function you loved so much”

Prashant Ahir


“I have gone through the synopsis of the book. It is excellent and appears magnetic. Waiting for the release of the book to grab it.”


" ‘Futuristic _ HR' is like a North Star showing the correct path to HR professionals and business leaders to handle the human resource's processes with perfection. The book starts with the basics of HR. The book has a 'hands-on' approach as it is from one of the top HR heads of India. The path shown to the use of Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence make the book futuristic."

Amresh Nakhawa

Head of HR, ACC Cement Concrete Plant Thane

“Dr. Augustine's book is very comprehensive and has evolved from a practitioner's point of view. As a CHRO, I see immense value in using this book to train all my managers, officers and management trainees from HR function. The objective of the training will be to enable them to implement all HR processes in the same manner wherever they are. Such an approach will ensure that they will deliver the desired outcomes by using the flow charts."

Ratnakar Kulkarni


“This book Futuristic HR will be a defining moment for all HR practitioners as it shows a new, simpler and better way of managing HR function. Probably this book will begin a new era of people practices. The book will help the speed and quality of services delivered. Very rarely we see an HR veteran producing a book of this quality with immense research. Experience supported by research make this book really outstanding."

Ashok Batra

A global legend in Marketing and Sales and highly successful entrepreneur

“Dr Augustine whose experience is backed by education has penned this book to bring about proper and systematic application of process steps to manage all HR processes scientifically. It is indeed endearing to see the ready reckoner and employee communication formats/templates for administrative action. Only a person who has been managing HR function successfully, can be sensitive to such a need. The HR audit questionnaire included in the book has questions on all latest HR practices”

Dr. Balla

Management Consultant, CHRO, Businessman and Mentor to many start-ups

“Futuristic_HR will be a path breaking book for HR professionals to do their job with speed and in depth understanding of the process”

Raja Malushte

A global legend in Marketing and Sales and highly successful entrepreneur

“The synopsis of the book is excellent and appears magnetic.”

Tarun Midde

CHRO & HR Leader

" 'Futuristic _ HR' is a magnificent book. A book to be kept on the table of all HR professionals. It not only gives direction to manage HR in a process driven manner but also points out the possible pitfalls that need to be avoided. The annexures are very supportive for employee communication, for various organization survey and framing a great questionnaire. It is heartening to see such depth of research for writing a book which will be of much use to all HR professionals."

Pragati Deshpande

A global legend in Marketing and Sales and highly successful entrepreneur

“ I must thank Dr. Augustine, on behalf of the entire HR fraternity for coming out with such a lovely book, which will help all HR professionals as a reference book. This book will help us in onboarding candidates and providing them timely support to perform at a higher level. The ready reckoner, the communication formats, the questionnaires etc will enable speedy delivery of HR deliverables. This book will bring immense value to me as an HR consultant to understand the depth of expertise while shortlisting candidates as well as helping them to grow in their career. I, fully appreciate the remarkable work done by Augustine. It is definitely a challenging call but a great possibility"

Jayant Patil

global placement & Talent Acquisition consultant

“Dr. Augustine’s book ‘Futuristic _ HR lays down the contemporary status of HR with a clear understanding of the past along with the steps to be taken to prepare for the future. Written in simple language it can be easily understood by the beginners as well as practicing HR managers. Only a maestro can make an act look simple and easy. The book is a solid depository of concepts, flowcharts, toolkits, debates, pitfalls, success factors, latest trends and the new practices introduced post covid-19. The book will indeed help HR professionals to raise the bar on HR deliverables.” ​

Yogesh Kudtarkar

“I believe this book will be a 'return to basics' type of book. It will act as a Survival kit and a user manual to HR's and HR practitioners”.


MBA Student Mysore

"Thank you so much for sharing the brochure. It is amazing  I have shared it with my HR colleagues"

Young HR executive

Sri Balaji University Alumni

"This book 'Futuristic HR' surely will be considered as a 'must have' book for HR students and practitioners for the following reasons: (1) the book covers the entire gamut of human resources management function as distinct processes and (2) Each process is explained thoroughly to enable easy implementation, (3) it covers the current HR practices, new trends and the use of AI and digital technology in managing HR function and (4) it sites many new practices introduced by many of the fortune 500 companies due to the Covid -19 pandemic."

Ayesha Sayyed Pune

MBA Student Pune

“It is a very interesting book. It has created a tremendous amount of curiosity among us students. We liked the concept of looking at all new trends. In fact the use of AI and digital technology in managing HR function is something we would like to learn and master. 'Futuristic HR' will be one book I will be keeping with me as reference book as I move into the corporate world”.

Prerana Vijay Kumar

MBA Student Pune

"Apart from understanding the 21 HR processes in all its depth and width this reorientation will help us to be 'future ready' for managing HR function. It will be a 'goto book', a 'what is' book and a 'how to' book for all the HR students who are priming themselves for the corporate entry. I pray that this book will have a great journey."

Srinivas Thimmaih

MBA Student Mysore

“This book 'Futuristic _ HR' will surely be a powerful weapon in my armoury, (that will be built during my MBA education), as I begin my career as an HR professional. In fact, as a summer intern I can use this book to do any project in any of the HR processes with greater clarity, deeper understanding and confidence. It will help me to produce an outstanding project report”.

Aishwarya Shukla

MBA Student Pune