about the book

This book is dedicated to Bala Sir

Everyone loves Bala Sir. He is their world. It is difficult to say who loves him most apart from his family members. Could be the students, the teaching staff, employees, parents, friends or scores of people whose hearts he has touched.

This book is dedicated to Bala Sir.

It is totally a different type of relationship. It is a relationship of love. One has to experience it to believe it. It is to that heart filled with love, I humbly dedicate this book. (Detailed write up of Bala Sir’s life journey is given in the book as ‘Profile’)


Late Prof. Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian

Founder & Chancellor, Sri Balaji University, Pune (SBUP)


4 Pillars







6 compelling reasons for the creation of the book ‘Futuristic _ HR’

  1. We believe that future has this peculiar habit of suddenly appearing as present
  2. We believe that future is great and exciting for those who prepare
  3. We believe that there is a compulsion to prepare for the future as 40 to 50% of HR competencies change over a period 4 to 5 years (Dave Ulrich)
  4. We believe that the present is a pointer to the future with its new trends and practices
  5. We believe that the forth industrial revolution has begun and we need to be prepared and relevant
  6. Futuristic _ HR prepares HR fraternity for the future

Conceptualizing the book outline

  1. To prepare comprehensive process steps of HR processes and present them in the flowchart formats to enable enhanced use of AI and Digital technology
  2. To discover the new trends and practices including the ones introduced during the pandemic
  3. To describe all possible success factors, pitfalls, new trends, different views on why an approach succeeds or fails
  4. To give examples from and share the experience of the top 100 companies from the fortune 500 companies to emulate, discard or improve upon to suit one’s need
  5. To provide well prepared communication formats, ready reckoners, different instruments for employee feedback to help HR to manage HR function with speed and quality

    Basic guiding principles

    1. Provoke thought process based on data derived from research
    2. Not to provide answers but give examples to provoke thinking

    What can ‘Futuristic _ HR’ Achieve? – The why and the objectives

    1. To bring respect, prestige and predictability to HR function as never before
    2. To make stars and superstars of HR professionals who can perform with confidence

    FUTURISTIC _ HR is a reference book for all HR fraternity including students

    On 21 core HR processes with 254 process steps. The content is rich. It is a very comprehensive book on HR. No book like this exists in the market place. It took about 3 years of research to complete the book. With 275 plus references, it is a deeply researched book

    Eureka moments and surprise discoveries

    Coming to the research part Henry Poincare said ‘All, long, arduous and painstaking researches on one fine moment’ offer surprise discoveries and eureka moments. Einstein also thought ‘discoveries are a leap in consciousness’ that come to you without your knowing why or how

    We too had these joyous moments

    The Eureka moments were:

    • HR and humanity travelling and moving on from the days of Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory, McClelland’s achievement motivation theory, Vroom’s expectancy theory and Herzberg’s two factor theory and so on to employee engagement theory
    • The finalising the name of the book as ‘Futuristic _ HR’. Everything in the book is about managing the HR function of the future differently compared to the past and to some extend the present. With that logic the book was named ‘Futuristic_HR. The underscore indicates technology

    The surprise discoveries were:

    • The wider use of technology, both digital and AI
    • The omnipresence of new trends and new practices in almost all HR processes’ and
    • The realization that everything we do in HR management is not for HR per se
    1. To use as a ‘go to’, ‘What to’, ‘how to’ and ‘DIY’ (do it yourself) book for all 21 HR processes
    2. To look at the process flowchart not only as to not to miss a step but to understand why a process is initiated, for whom is it for, what needs to be done, how to a do it and what would be the expected and assured outcome
    3. To understand and promote the use of AI and digital technology for speed and quality in managing the HR processes
    4. To Build and enhance the employee engagement level
    5. To understand the post pandemic action taken by the best companies in the world to understand the humanity’s journey as these responses exhibited the soul of the organization
    6. To understand the new trends, success factors, pitfalls and industry experience of all 21 HR processes in order to manage the process with confidence at a notch higher
    7. To use :
      • the communication formats
      • the ready reckoner for filing statutory returns
      • the checklist for developing a great questionnaire along with its validity and reliability test. (will be much use to guide the summer interns and for in-house surveys)
      • the questionnaire for conducting HR audit
      • the questionnaire for doing employee satisfaction survey
      • the questionnaire for understanding the organization’s readiness for change
    1. HR professionals to understand the HR deliverables and the matching competencies. Will help
    2. Understanding own development needs. Can enable selection of ideal candidates
    3. To prepare HR students to go for placement with a comprehensive understanding of HR Management function
    4. To enable the faculty members to proceed for the session with excitement to energise the class for a stimulating discussion
    5. To empower CEO’s of firms from start-ups to well-established firms to manage HR function with a deep understanding of the processes of the function
    6. To open up ‘consulting’ arenas for experienced HR professionals (retiring with so much of expertise and experience is a huge waste as they can really help smaller firms and guide young HR professionals), professors and HR practitioners a process steps for consulting

    The book has been built with rich stories of people practices. Stories that leave you with an inquisitive and thoughtful mind. Stories that will inspire you to build a great organization with an equally great career for yourself with a little help from ‘Futuristic _ HR’.



    Dedication page

    Introduction of Bala Sir

    Chapter I:   Introduction to Futuristic HR
    Chapter II:  What is this book all about?
    Chapter III: 21 HR processes- grouped in 6 sections


    III. A. 1.  Recruitment

    III. A. 2.  Induction

    III. B. 3.  Talent Management

    III. B. 4.  Training, Learning and Development

    III. B. 5.  Succession Planning

    III. B. 6.  Employee Engagement

    III. B. 7.  Employee Retention

    III. B. 8.  Competency Management

    III. C. 9.    Performance Management System

    III. C. 10.  Compensation Management

    III. C. 11.  Employee Benefits

    III. C. 12.  HRIS

    III. D. 13.  Productivity Management

    III. D. 14.  Safety Management

    III. D. 15.  Industrial Disputes Management 

    III. D. 16.  Collective Bargaining Management

    III. D. 17.  Discipline Management                                        

    III. E. 18.  Building HR Strategy

    III. E. 19.  Change Management

    III. F. 20.  Employee Satisfaction Survey

    III. F. 21.  HR Audit

    1. Abbreviations list
    2. References
    3. Ready Reckoner for Filing of Returns under various acts
    4. Model Formats for Employee Communication
    5. A 30 point checklist for making a great questionnaire along with 10  point  Questionnaire validation checklist.
    6. Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire
    7. HR Audits: Comprehensive Questionnaire
    8. Coronavirus paper
    9. Reviews/Testimonials
    10. Index

    Cover Design interpretation

    Author Bio

    Back cover


    01  21 HR processes presented in flow chart format

    02  All post lockdown new HR practices included in all the processes

    03  All new trends, challenges and pitfalls cited and discussed in all the 21 processes

    04  The new 4 Codes of Law discussed

    05  Use of Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence highlighted in all 21 processes

    06  Foreword by Dr. T. V. Rao

    (a) A monthly ready reckoner for filing statutory returns

    (b) 61 employee communication templates

    (c) An exhaustive HRD audit questionnaire of 240 questions including questions   on HR’s response to Covid-19

    (d) An employee satisfaction survey questionnaire with 51 questions

    (e) A 30 question checklist for designing a great questionnaire along
          with a 10 point checklist for validating a questionnaire,(first of its kind as
          nothing like can be found anywhere)

    (f) A built in change management questionnaire

    (g) A research paper on Covid-19

    (h) 280 plus references

    (i) A ready reckoner month-wise for filing statutory returns

    (j) Manuscript reviews from highly respected individuals and students





    List of formats
    (templates for communicating with employees)

    • Warning letter to an employee for irregular attendance and lack of punctuality
    • Charge sheet for drunkenness on duty
    • Warning letter for absence after leave application is refused
    • Warning letter even though dismissal was warranted
    • Letter of communication to employees on questionnaire survey
    • Letter of warning for assault on co-worker
    • Warning letter for late coming
    • General charge sheet
    • Model show cause notice for absenteeism
    • Model ‘Show Cause’ Notice for any acts of misconduct
    • Warning letter issued after show cause notice not found satisfactory
    • Stern warning when explanation to show cause not satisfactory
    • Suspension pending enquiry
    • Letter to the enquiry officer for conducting enquiry 
    • Notice of discharge
    • Order of dismissal
    • Order for reduction in rank
    • Order for withholding annual increment
    • Order for imposing fine
    • Charge sheet for slowing down work (pl see 16 also)
    • Appreciation letter
    • Rejection letter
    • Apology letter to a potential candidate who has been rejected
    • Appointment for interview 
    • New employee introduction
    • Extending job offer
    • Birthday greeting letter
    • Increment letter format
    • Promotion letter
    • Address confirmation letter
    • Salary certificate
    • Terminating the service of an employee without domestic enquiry
    • Notice to employee for wearing uniform while on duty
    • Forfeiture of gratuity for violence
    • Warning letter for overstaying leave
    • Charge sheet for habitual absence from duty
    • Charge sheet for applying for leave on false grounds
    • Warning letter for irregular attendance
    • Warning letter for habitual irregular attendance
    • Warning letter for negligence
    • Second warning letter for negligence
    • Warning letter for insubordination
    • Covering letter to an employee for posting letter who has refused company communication
    • Warning letter for not following instructions of superior
    • Warning letter, post enquiry, after employee admits the charges and apologizes 
    • Charge sheet for go slow and instigating others for ‘go-slow. (There is one more ‘go-slow’ notice without instigating others. Pl look at that too)
    • Notice to be displayed on notice board to desist from strike or agitation
    • Letter to the authorities intimating illegal and unjustified strike
    • Letter to employees who applied for sick leave without certificate
    • Letter for sick leave with certificate that does not look genuine
    • Charge sheet for violence in the company premises
    • Charge sheet for illegal strike
    • Advisory letter to an employee who refuses to accept communication
    • Advisory letter for habitual absence
    • Warning letter for unauthorized absence
    • Warning letter to an employee who has not improved his attendance despite warning
    • Charge sheet for habitual absenteeism
    • Show cause notice for theft
    • Letter to the employee saying his explanation not satisfactory on the show cause notice and an enquiry will be held