Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement

A concept of Human Resource (HR) that describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels towards their job is termed Employee Engagement (EE). To identify pockets of excellence in EE first we need to understand the concept of EE and then measure its value and identify the reason for its existence to find out its initiatives and approaches. 

To measure the Employee Excellence report and listen to the employees at the same time, we need to identify various possible initiatives through thorough research and deep insights. 

Engaged employees care about their working schedule and the performance of the company and they tend to think it’s their responsibility to work towards the betterment of the company and that their efforts make a difference. Employee engagement has become the central point of people’s practices in most organizations today. If Employee engagement is replacing motivation theories, the attention EE is getting is not a surprise. 

Stakeholders from the HR function and employees may be represented in the Employee Engagement Committee that could deliberate on the goals, objectives, and execution plans. To allocate responsibility in measurable terms, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) should be followed for 3 months with a Data Analysis of findings. 

The process to be followed can be:

  • By providing support, managerial and technological types of equipment, redesigning the Performance Management System (PMS) with feedback and monitoring is equally important. 
  • Making growth plans for the organization and communicating them will make it an exciting and vibrant place for plans.

  • Make succession and career plans with Training & Development (T&D) and Individual Development Plan (IDP).

  • Look at new trends wherein organization-centric and culture-centric issues are addressed.

The result is thus the reduction in attrition and increased productivity which leads to enhanced engagement of organization/ shareholders and ultimately employees. 

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