Do You Understand Employee Engagement

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Do You Understand Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement (EE) is an HR concept that describes how much is the level of enthusiasm and dedication of your employee toward their job. Well, Employee Engagement is a workplace method designed to refine employees’ feelings and attachment toward the organization. The EE tactics are generally used by the HR department to boost productivity and well-being across all company levels. 

Employee satisfaction, better personal life, lower absenteeism, employee loyalty, better quality work, higher profitability, etc are some of the well-known facts of having Employee Engagement in the organization. 

Employee Engagement is one of the most important indicators in measuring work satisfaction. Today’s employees want engagement in the organization and a sense of belongingness.

Why don’t you see what all factors are you engaged in to follow the desired pattern of employee engagement? 

Download the below-given survey form and rate yourself.

Find out the total score and evaluate where you stand. 

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