Quick student EE Survey – Are you an engaged student?

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 Quick student EE Survey – Are you an engaged student?

Just like Employee Engagement survey, the students must also take initiative in engaging themselves in a survey to evaluate where they actually stand. The quality and standard an education system holds depends upon the satisfaction the system carries in the eyes of students. 

The student’s feedback acts as an intuitive information for the organizations to make some major decisions regarding the education system and the welfare of students. The survey is conducted to acquire the view of the students about the school atmosphere, teaching environment, curriculum etc.

In a short stance, student’s satisfaction can be determined as the student-teacher relationship, on- campus student support, additional services, external facilities and teacher’s approach. Some surveys stated that there is a strong connection between the satisfaction level of students and their academic performance score. The satisfaction promotes both: mental health as well as academic achievement. 

Surveys are important even in the lives of students for professional as well as for personal evaluation and growth.

To check your personal status. Evaluate yourself by taking a quick survey.

Download the survey form given below and get started.

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